March 20, 2018

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While reviewing even more commercial string trimmers today I noticed that really there are a few companies that stand above the rest in the industry. You should always keep in mind the size of your project before choosing a string trimmer however if you are looking for the best string trimmer for any job you should always go with a commercial string trimmer.

Why buy a commercial trimmer?

If you live anywhere outside of a subdivision most likely your yard will justify the cost of a commercial string trimmer. Folks living on a small subdivision lot will probably find a good electric string trimmer more appropriate for noise reasons as well as cost however those who do choose to go the commercial route will find their machines lasting much longer.

The Best String Trimmer Brands

Like I stated there are just a handful of companies who have mastered the art of producing a high quality string trimmer which is built to last. In this article we will look at a few of these manufacturers and why theirs are the best string trimmers. The observations for each of the string trimmer reviews are made from a collective of string trimmer reviews on We choose these companies to represent the best string trimmers because they are well known in the industry and they also hold some of the highest ratings in string trimmer reviews.

Swisher Shindaiwa

Swisher is a great commercial lawn carry manufacturer. They have been making equipment since 1945 and it shows in experience. If you are looking for the best string trimmer take a look at these models:


Husquvarna is a well known name in the commercial string trimmer line. These string trimmers are built to last even for commercial use. Husquvarna did about 32 Billion in sales just last year. That goes to show how exceptional their equipment is.

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