March 20, 2018

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Before you make your final decision to purchase a grass string trimmer, there are some important aspects to be focused for future benefit. String trimmers are supposed to enhance the beauty of your garden and are best for maintaining edges and walkways. There are several features which must be present in the string trimmer you have selected such as shaft, cutting edge and engine so that you can complete the task without any problems. So, to help our readers in this regard, we have briefed six important features to look into when buying a string trimmer.

1) Overview your needs

Which type of grass string trimmer you will be needing? Electric powered or gasoline? These are some of the basic aspects which you must think while planning to purchase a string trimmer. Both of them are great performers and have their own technical benefits for which you need to perform a complete research.

2) Gas and Electric grass string trimmers

Gas string trimmers are ideal for bigger yards and gardens as they usually have 2-cycle engines with a bundle of personal controls. In case you are in search of professional grade trimmer, a 4-cycle engine can surely meet your requirements. Although they are heavier, difficult to maintain and cause pollution, but are best suitable for commercial use.

Electric grass trimmers consume less power and can run on lithium-ion batteries as well. Featuring a small cutting swath of 12 to 15 inches, you can perfectly chop and trim your lawn without any pain. They are available in both cordless and wired variants where as both of them do not have a minimum price difference. Cordless trimmers are capable of handling weeds and grass in small yard as the rechargeable 12-volt battery allows users to maneuver without any hassle of cords.

3) Noise and Vibration

If you are sick of loud machine noise and vibration, Electric grass string trimmers are the perfect solution for your garden. Being lightweight and efficient, the Lithium-ion batteries require no maintenance and reduce noise as compared to gasoline powered grass trimmers.

4) Straight shaft and Curved Shaft trimmers

There are two major categories of string trimmers known as straight shaft string trimmers and curved shaft string trimmers. The straight shaft string trimmers are longer and trim hard to reach areas within no time. Being ideal for chopping shrubs and bushes, you can complete the task without any pain. Furthermore, curved shaft trimmers are ideal for trimming around sidewalks, flowerbeds and other types of lawn grass.

5) Ease of use

Check the balance and handling of the grass trimmer. Adjust the front handle and make sure it is comfortable to reach so that you can hold it into the cutting position without any problem. Furthermore, check all controls and operational methods so that you can clean your garden without any safety hazards.

6) Maintenance and Safety

Usually, commercial grade string grass trimmers are easier to maintain for which you can follow the user’s manual. Although there are some built-in design flaws through which the over grown grass traps around the cutting head, it is recommended that you take proper safety measures before starting the procedure.


The above explained features of string grass trimmers can greatly assist you in making your final decision. Overview your gardening requirements and select the best available option. Furthermore, these features can make your task easier with increase efficiency rate. So, if you are determined to purchase a string grass trimmer, we hope these features will help you in best regard.



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