March 20, 2018

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Expandable hose is an addition to everyday product that would make our life easier. Thousands of people around the world now rely on comfort and ease of expandable garden hose. If you want to water plants to other part of your lawn or wash your car that is parked far from your lawn tap you don’t need to worry about carrying heavy traditional hose. Technology used in this product is same as used for Expandable Monsters known to every 1970’s kids. These toys used to grow when put in a bowel of water.

Main characteristics of expandable water hoses are

  • Expands 3 times its length when water pressure is applied while in use
  • Shrinks to its original size when water is turned off
  • Weighs 3 times less than traditional hoses
  • Self drains and coils itself when not in use
  • Never twists, tangles or kinks
  • Easy storage due to its contracting ability

 Science Behind Expandable Hose

Expanding hoses are made in two layers. An inner tube, made from highly absorbent material, through which water flows and an outer fabric which is most commonly made of nylon fabric. The inner tube is usually made from latex/TPC. Different companies use different types of inner hose so the durability of hoses varies accordingly. When water is turned on from one end, the other end of expandable garden hose is still contracted, this helps to develop pressure inside the hose making it expand to its capacity. An expandable hose works best when it is has reached its expandable length.

Problems Users Usually Face

Online market place and forums allow product reviews and discussions. These hand-on experiences that people post on internet can be help for the user and can be used as guide. Based on discussions and feedbacks from the people around the world, it’s clearly evident that expandable garden hoses have been a big hit but there had some problems related to its material and use. Many people have reported that their hose didn’t expand as claimed and few people even complained about leakage. However not all hoses are made same, and after examining the hose, researchers concluded that these problems are due

  • User guide not followed
  • Poor quality material used
  • Fault in production technology

Both material used for inner tube have some down side to it

TPC material is just not strong enough and usually burst after few days of use.

While latex no matter if it’s used in single, double or triple layer, is little stronger but when used with brass connectors latex causes toxic chemicals to produce and these chemicals result in either the hose bursts or leaks.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using an Expandable Hose

Here are some user instructions, which if followed properly can increase your expandable hose’s life:

  • Before start using it, fill the hose with water when using for first time and allow the hose to stretch and expand. Once it has reached its expandable then release the water. Size Guide for Expandable Hoses
  • A hose is best to use when it is in its expanded form.
  • Don’t over pressure it, turn off the water when the hose is not in use.
  • Allowing the hose to shrink to its original length.
  • Avoid leaving your hose out in open in extreme weathers. Leaving it in Sun for too long and leaving it out in freezing winters, both can damage your hose.
  • Be careful when using expandable hoses on rough surfaces and sharp edges.
  • Hoses which are kept indoors and in shaded areas have longer life.

Hoses made from quality material, used in accordance with user instructions, and which have been made through properly designed technology have been proven to last longer and give better results. Always read about the hose you are planning to buy.


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